Pediatric Eyecare

Pediatric Eyecare Services Offered In Exeter, NH

Ensuring your child has healthy eyes and good vision is a priority at Mayo Family Eye Care LLC. Experienced optometrist Sabrina Mayo, OD, and the eye specialists provide comprehensive pediatric eye care services for children, including preventive eye exams, contacts and glasses, and eye disease management. Staff provide a welcoming atmosphere, so kids can feel happy and safe at each visit. Call the Exeter, New Hampshire, office to schedule a pediatric eye care appointment for your child or book a consultation online today.

Pediatric Eyecare Q & A

What is pediatric eye care?

The pediatric eye care services at Mayo Family Eye Care LLC focus on the vision and eye health of children between the ages of six months and 18 years. The eye specialists provide a lighthearted and fun environment where children feel comfortable during each visit. The team provides a range of pediatric eye care services to promote good vision and long-term eye health.

What pediatric eye care services are available?

Mayo Family Eye Care LLC offers pediatric eye care services, including:

  • Visual acuity tests

  • Comprehensive eye health exams

  • Contacts and glasses fittings

  • Emergency care

The team can also address chronic eye diseases that occur in children, such as glaucoma and dry eyes. The on-site optical department provides a variety of designer eyeglasses and contact lenses for children and adolescents with refractive errors. For example, if your child has myopia (nearsightedness), the team may recommend MiSight® daily disposable contacts or medicated eyedrops to slow its progression. If your child needs more specialized care, like orthokeratology (ortho-k), the team can refer you to an eye doctor who provides this service.

When should I schedule a pediatric eye care appointment?

You should schedule a preventive pediatric eye care appointment at Mayo Family Eye Care LLC before your child starts attending school. The team can determine how often your child needs a routine eye exam based on their vision and overall eye health. Your child also needs an appointment if they experience symptoms like:

  • Pain

  • Irritation

  • Infection

  • Crossed eyes

  • Misaligned eyes

If your child is squinting or complaining about changes in their vision, the team can complete an eye exam and visual acuity test. Children who have underlying eye diseases like glaucoma may need more frequent appointments, so the eye specialists can monitor their eye health and progress with medications and other treatments.

What happens during a pediatric eye care appointment?

During your child’s initial appointment at Mayo Family Eye Care LLC, the team spends time learning about their personal and family health histories to identify potential risk factors for certain eye diseases. The team also completes a comprehensive eye exam to assess the health of your child’s eyes and visual acuity tests to determine if they need contacts or glasses. If your child has any symptoms of eye disease, the team designs a management plan to ease symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening. The team uses advanced treatments to protect your child’s vision and long-term eye health.

​​​​​​​Call Mayo Family Eye Care LLC to schedule a pediatric eye care appointment or book an appointment online today.