Avenova: Your Solution to Chronic Eye Problems

Avenova Antibacterial Spray:

  • Purpose: Formulated specifically for eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Benefits: Avenova aids in relieving chronic eye issues, including dry eyes, contact lens intolerance, and meibomian gland dysfunction.

Why Choose Avenova?

  1. Scientific Precision: Avenova is crafted with precision to target bacterial concerns associated with eyelid and lash health.

  2. Reliable Relief: Combat chronic eye problems with a reliable solution that provides relief and promotes overall eye well-being.

  3. Trusted by Experts: Recommended by eye care professionals, Avenova is a trusted choice for maintaining optimal lid and lash health.


Mayo Family Eyecare - Your Vision, Our Priority

Experience the benefits of Avenova at Mayo Family Eyecare. For those in Exeter, NH, seeking specialized care for chronic eye problems, Avenova is just one of the many ways we prioritize your vision and eye health.

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